Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Quick Night Out

I was out this evening for a quick drink with DB, whom I’ve not been in touch with since I attended his wedding in Barcelona last October. During that hectic weekend, it was difficult to get too much of his time, and thus it was good to be able to catch up over a pint at the Lamb and Flag, an old pub by Lazenby Court in the Covent Garden area, hidden from the main street.

Yes, it’s a cliché, but when you meet up with old friends, especially those whom you don’t see often, you’re reminded invariably of your previous encounters. It’s pretty amazing how long it’s been. It’s almost twelve years since I first met him. And it was on a January day ten years ago that he visited Singapore as well.

But I was also keen to learn how married life was treating him. The Missus was still based in Barcelona, busy with various projects. And the most impressive and astonishing thing he told me was that his wife had been appointed onto the advisory board of FC Barcelona. Yes, the team whose colours soccer greats such as Lilian Thuram, Samuel Eto’o, Deco and Ronaldinho wear! Wah paing eh. And it goes without saying that they’ve never had a problem with securing tickets for home games.

The evening out, though brief, was very nice. We shook hands, and I ventured forth on my own. Walking down central London, past Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus and through the thronging merry crowds in the wintry air, you do feel what’s often termed as buzz – difficult to define but understood by all. I then realised I’ve actually not been out on the streets of London too often at nightfall. Have I been studying too much?

It’s good, of course, to be living so close to school. Yet at times, one can feel kinda trapped in the Russell Square/Bloomsbury area, and every departure from my comfort zone there to the rest of London, even to areas familiar, brings with it a sense of freshness and excitement. That's what I certainly felt this evening. And to top it all off - the simple joy of browsing at the giant Waterstones on Piccadilly.

It’s clear. I need to get out more often.


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i dont mind going for walks at night too.


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