Friday, January 26, 2007

A Smoking Fantasy

Sometimes it’s nice, isn’t it, just to sit back, tossing aside all other thoughts, to indulge in a wee bit of fantasizing...So let’s start right now.

I love smoked food – particularly smoked salmon and smoked cheese. I imagine a nice warm fire burning, with its vapours engulfing the culinary delights that hang above. There was a juicy article in yesterday’s thelondonpaper on this cooking sensation. “The process is straight forward”, it reported. “Hard woods, such as oak, burn slowly and their smoke infuses the ingredients, enhancing their taste.” Mmmmm.

“Oak has a delicate flavour and is often used for fish; fruit trees produce a mild smoke for general use; walnut is stronger and best for beef.”

What was interesting was that there were, according to the article, a few “smoking” establishments out there which handle direct home deliveries, such as Forman and Field, Richardson’s Smokehouse and Rannock Smokery. Check out their mouth-watering websites.

But this was the exciting bit. “If you get really hooked, you can buy your own smoker.” Can we really? Apparently, if you’d like to be a home smoker, you can get your own indoor gadget. I don’t think we’re referring to barbecue grills. A smoking set is somewhat different. There are fine examples available at Brooks Home Smokers and Bradley Smokers. Imagine that! Getting me own mackerel and then doing some DIY smoking at home? It’s such a lovely thought.

Yet it is, alas, just a fantasy. No point thinking about it too much. Furthermore, I’m still dreaming about a plate of XO crab bee hoon...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not also check out this range of American BBQ / Smokers ... the website is The Pellet smokers are the best that money can buy ... from the Traeger range for the back garden or the Fast Eddy range for the Commercial or 'big entertainer' option !!

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