Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nochmal In Einer Deutschen Klasse

This was one of the minor goals I had set for myself when embarking on this one year in London – to take some time out to attend formal German language classes again after a break of too many years. I missed out on registering with the UCL Language Centre in the first term. But after months of waiting, I finally had the first of the second term evening classes today.

My abilities in German had reached somewhat strange level. After four years learning it in university and being quite passionate about it, I had attained a sufficiently deep base of knowledge, internalizing and absorbing quite a bit, to the point that I can say with confidence that there are certain parts of the language I shall never forget, even if I stop speaking it for years. That’s when a language moves from being a mechanical skill you acquire, to something that’s organic to you.

Yet, I can’t claim to be totally conversant and fluent either. The little trip to Munich last month provided clear evidence of that. There is still so so much more for me to improve, especially in aspects of speaking and listening. Admittedly, I could have tried over the past years to keep up with the language. But let’s be frank. Back home, when you’re busy with work, mana oo eng to study?

So this sabbatical has provided me an excellent opportunity to delve seriously into the language again. I emerged from this evening’s class with mixed feelings, though, for I may have signed myself up at a teaching level beneath my current linguistic standard. I’m intend definitely to continue, but I don’t know if transferring classes would be possible. Let’s see how things go…


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Did you change classes?

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