Monday, January 29, 2007

Journal of a Glutton

As I write this, I feel as though I'm about to burst. I've just returned from a mega dinner at the Four Seasons in Bayswater again, this time round with a large group of friends from school. We've gathered often before over a drink, or perhaps dined together one on one, but I think this is one of the few occasions where we've had the opportunity to sit down over a good meal.

Not that the restaurant offers a convivial environment for polite chatter. It's a typical Chinese restaurant - loud, crowded, brash and noisy. But then, I wasn't there for the service. Rather, we hungered for the famous Four Seasons roast duck, served also with good portions of roast pork, a hot beef plate, yummy shrimps, and token dishes of vegetables. I left the place a happy man indeed.

However, I've also been informed that the longtime chef of the Four Seasons had earlier decamped to another restaurant - the Gold Mine on 102 Queensway. Is the report true? Is Gold Mine any good? We'll need to find out the truth real soon.


Here's a quick mention as well of The Gunmakers, a little gastropub in the Clerkenwell area where a few of us from the hall were at yesterday for lunch. Apparently, they had only recently begun serving Sunday lunch, and we were among their first customers. Roast garlic and leg of lamb never go wrong for me, especially when accompanied by succulent roast potatoes and an invigourating cup of coffee thereafter.

Here's to a good week of feasting ahead.


Anonymous sw said...

snowboarder and I went to try out Gold mine on the day our dreaded tests were over earlier this month and i must say that SSG was right to say that the duck was indeed better there. we have had a few occassions with the duck at 4 seasons, last being with the whole group near new year's eve - alas the last time out was actually quite bad.

the atmosphere at Gold mine was also much better - better ventilation, less crowded and better service definitely. best of all, they also gave us 10% discount which we gave back as tips!


1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is your weight now? Fatso!

~.~ khoon

2:14 AM  

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