Sunday, February 18, 2007

After Dinner Thoughts

As I write this, we’ve just crossed into the Year of the Pig. Happy Lunar New Year to all who are reading this. My best wishes to everyone. What will this year bring? According to that most authoritative source, thelondonpaper, pigs can expect quite a bit of excitement in the months ahead: “This is your year and boy, does it show! Lucky in romance, wealth and health, this will be one of those years you’ll remember for a long time.”

Bah. What about the others?

We had a nice reunion dinner at our basement buttery earlier, with each preparing a dish or two. My lo hei experiment was successful, and I managed to get some fresh carrots from the local Waitrose to add to the available ingredients, along with a kitchen grater. The extra sashimi slices came courtesy of resident pig the Singapore Doctor. There was duck, pai guat soup, vegetables and mushrooms, eggs and ribs. A wonderful feast, and I’m very grateful, very glad to be here now amidst such good company.

There’s going to be a huge Chinese New Year parade in Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square on Sunday. But much as I would like to be out there, enjoying the festivities, I shall remain ensconced in my room instead, brooding, brows furrowed, hunched over the laptop, furiously procrastinating over an essay due some days later. I hope not to remain in seclusion for too long.

Happy New Year!

*Image courtesy of HM's blog*


Anonymous HS said...

Happy New Year!
心想事成! :)

4:55 AM  

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