Friday, February 16, 2007

Gold Mine vs Four Seasons

The verdict is in. For me, at least, any lingering doubts have been cleared. We had been wondering earlier how the Chinese roast duck at the Gold Mine restaurant would compare with what’s offered at old favourite the Four Seasons barely a few doors away on the same side of Queensway. Different views prevailed. Insistent voices were heard. The only was to settle the issue was to venture out together for a judicial meal.

We headed there, all six of us, on a cool Thursday evening. And for those of us new to Gold Mine, we noticed that it bore more than a passing resemblance to the Four Seasons, even in terms of its décor and signage. But it was obviously a much newer restaurant. We ordered the roast duck, accompanied by quite a few other dishes, including a bowl of soup that came compliments of the chef.

It was definitely a satisfying experience, but fully three of us concluded – to the disappointment of at least one other – that the roast duck at Four Seasons was slightly better. I felt the Gold Mine duck lacked a certain taste to it. The other two were more ambivalent, I recall. But no worries. I stand ready anytime to go try the duck at the Four Seasons again, and then to compare it once more with Gold Mine. I stand ready to do this over and over again. For I can easily imagine an extended season of duck eating lasting me well into the summer. Heh.


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